New Research Barn!

With this being the inaugural post on BRIDGE PTS’ shiny and new blog I will start by introducing myself.  My name is Joe K., and I am a technician here at BRIDGE PTS. 

I am excited to announce a big development for BRIDGE PTS and our customers.  We have broken ground and are well underway in the construction of our new Research Barn.  The facility, expected to be completed in September of this year, is a brand new 10 stall barn that will greatly expand our large animal holding capacity from 30 to 70!   We will be able to extend the length of chronic studies, as well as facilitate multi-stage studies with long time periods in between stages.  The possible uses for the new facility are very exciting for us here at BRIDGE PTS.

                I hope that this new and exciting development has grabbed your attention.  Has it spawned new project ideas for you, or opened new opportunities for already existing projects?  Drop us a line and let us know what you think.  I hope to hear from you soon.            

-  Joe K.